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The Green Building Initiative's Green Globes® Formally Recognizes Global GreenTag PHD™ and EPD™ Declaration Programs

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The nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance and certification program Green Globes® that is registered under the GBI (Green Building Initiative) and used in a multitude of project types in the USA and Canada, has formally recognized Global GreenTag International’s advanced Product Health Declaration™ (the GreenTag PHD™) and also the green product certifier’s high level Environmental Product Declaration (the GreenTag EPD™).

Micah Thomas, Director of Compliance for the Green Globes® and Guiding Principles Compliance® Programs shared in discussion “Global GreenTag’s Multi-Attribute Certifications are based on repeatable standardization processes aligning with requirements for projects seeking Green Globes’ certification recognition.” Global GreenTag’s certification programs are underpinned by science and ISO process abilities ensuring global application capability, which is important for Green Globes, as their Rating Tool is recognized by ANSI and as well aligns with Scientific Basis; with the 2019 versions of their standard now expanding beyond the US and Canada into Mexico, Central America, Brazil and South America.”

Global GreenTag Americas’ CEO Daniel A. Huard says the decision by GBI to introduce the GreenTag International PHD, EPD and other certifications “is a powerful move. GreenTag certified products undergo some of the most stringent transparency certification and declaration processes in the world. They are a perfect match for the rigor that underpins the Green Globes Rating Systems’ compliance framework that Green Globes as a rating tool operates within.”

Mr Huard, himself a Green Globes Assessor, worked alongside Mr Thomas as well as fellow GBI consultant Jane Rohde, AIA, GGA, GGP and the Global GreenTag International product assessment team to integrate GreenTag into the Green Globes for New Construction and Sustainable Interiors Rating Tool(s) respective frameworks.  According to Mr Huard, “Green Globes has been well designed to provide a smart and efficient assessment pathway for new and existing projects to cost less to operate, and be considerably more energy and water efficient with increased recycling capabilities.  We are very happy to bring our certification systems together to be part of the solution of bringing greener and healthier buildings into the world.”  

Beyond its decision to incorporate GreenTag’s EPD, the Green Globes Standard Development team was particularly attracted to the robustness and multi attribute qualities of the Global GreenTag PHD program, says Mr Huard, and for it to become a referenced product and materials certification pathway within the published GBI Standard.  It was noted that Global GreenTag International in 2018 had increased the rigor of the PHD to provide content inventory to the 100ppm level, “a significant increase that equals the most stringent Product Disclosures in the world,” says Mr Huard.  The GBI team was also drawn to the addition within the PHD of a rating system called the ‘GreenTag HealthRATE’ program, which is also unique, as it directly reports on human health impacts of products in use. HealthRATE is also desired for its global applicability within projects and that it provides a compliance path for Green Globes latest ‘Materials & Resources and Indoor Air Quality assessment areas 2019.

Global GreenTag Americas, LLC was launched in the USA last November. 

Products with GreenTag PHDs and EPDs as they are updated on,,, and


For more information, contact: Daniel Huard
Cell: +1 702.604.3359
CV: Daniel A. Huard
Global GreenTag CV: Global GreenTag LLC, Americas



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