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Sustainable small houses? Which are the best choices?

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Posted by: Driek // Emarketing Specialist

Hello RateITGreen community, I plan to build a small house and I wonder which are the most sustainable and eco-friendly methods? As I can see here there are various ways to do it, but I wonder if someone already did it on a small scale.


Driek from Chicago

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Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Hi Driek! Welcome to Rate I Green! Are you looking for tiny house information, or information generally on smaller buildings? For tiny houses, we have some information and events in our tiny house group on the site: Message the group's creator and Moderator, Ron, and I am sure he will be super responsive. I can also help you connect with him.

In the Chicago area, you have a great resource available through the Illinois Green Alliance. These folks will be well connected locally, and should be able to give some great starting advice.

Green Building Certification organizations might also be a great starting point for you - check our our introduction, though I have several top certifications we need to add: When you work with a certification organization, you will have a real guide of what you need to do to meet that particular certification, and you will want to work with service providers who have built to that certification previously and are well down the learning curve.

Another way to approach would be to find the right vendors and then to work through the system or certification they are already comfortable with. Here are Chicago companies/organizations that are already Rate It Green Members: (we have others we found over the years- if you reset that filter, you will see them as well).

I look forward to hearing about your journey - and it is a journey! Make sure to enjoy this process as much as possible - and to get the sustainable home you want, that makes you happy. !!

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Matt Hoots // SawHorse Design + Build

How big of the house and do you have plans already? I can direct you to some of the products and methods listed on Rate it Green that can help you.


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