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VIDEO: Neolith - Durable and Sustainable Sintered Stone Countertops, Shower Systems, Ventilated Rain Screens (and more)

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Matt Hoots had the opportunity to talk with Travis Conrad of Neolith at the International Builders Show/Kitchen & Bathroom Show.  Neolith is a solid surface made of sintered stone, a 100% natural material made of granite and glass minerals and natural oxides.  Neolith can be used in countertop applications, as well as interior and exterior paneling, flooring, paving and sinks.  

According to Travis, Neolith can be thought of as an extreme evolution of what most of us think of as porcelain.  Using proprietary technology, the company takes minerals and uses a combination of pressure heat and time to form the materials into durable and chemically stable slabs.  Neolith does not have resins, and this is one reason the material is not sensitive to light or heat. As a 100% mineral and non porous product, Neolith also does not strain or weather or discolor over time.  Indeed, the company provides a 25 year warranty against changes in color or tone.  

Ventilated rain screens are a growing application for Neolith.  The company offers 3 rain screen systems, 2 of which builders can install flexibly and affordably on site, where a large pre-paneled application isn’t necessary.  (You have to watch the video to hear Travis’ professional building phrase for the application process.)  

Neolith has some pretty impressive sustainable statistics.  48% of the weight of each slab comes fromrecycled materials.  90% of the waste generated by Neolith® is recycled and given a second life either with company operations or through authorized 3rd party.  In 2019, the company achived cabron neutral status following the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).  For more information, visit:

We look forward to learning more about Neolith, hopefully in future videos.  We’re interested in application examples, and also learning more about the different styles and colors.  What are your top questions for Neolith?  




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