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Stone and Brick Veneers from Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone - Lighter and Easy to Install (Video)

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Green Builder Matt Hoots brings you “live"* to the expo floor in this multi-part interview with Allie Roqueta, Marketing Brand Manager at Boral Stone Division, from the International Builders Show (IBS).  Allie and Matt take a look at three different architectural stone veneer profiles offered by the Boral Stone Division brands, Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone.  

Architectural stone veneer, also known as faux stone, is a manufactured stone veneer designed to look like natural stone and can be used in residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. Boral Stone Division profiles are made of portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and iron oxide pigment for color.  These stone veneers are made by casting molds from real natural stone, so that the details and texture of the original stone look can be captured accurately.  

One benefit of architectural stone veneer is that it weighs much less than natural stone, which means it can be used in a much wider range of applications and requires less labor for installation.  Stone veneers can be used when there is insufficient “room” for a natural stone, or where the weight of a natural tine will introduce additional design and engineering considerations.  Compared to regular bricks veneer “thin bricks” can be installed just like traditional tile, where a regular brick would need 4-5 inches and require a footing.  

Allie shares 3 separate looks, including a panelized cementitious stone veneer that looks like distressed or reclaimed barn wood, which is produced by the Eldorado Stone team.  This product has an additional benefit in that it looks like wood but can be installed in places where wood can not be utilized, such as bathrooms or around fireplaces.  The product is also panelized, which means it comes in larger sections, which can be installed simply with mortar and allows for a quick and easy “dry stack” installation (no grout needed).  

The second product, also panelized, is a European ledge stone design with varying widths and a natural look. The process of creating molds from real stone means that this product creates a realistic texture and character, including creating some nice shadow effects.  Using a manufactured product allows the company to “Edit” colors and adapt to current design trends, using a lighter brighter coloring in this look.  According to Matt, this ledge look is coming soon as Rate It Green’s future video backdrop - it’s a sure bet Matt will film the installation so we can all learn.

The last product is an edgy and fun brick design in the color “carbon.”  This Handmade Brick color is modern and yet pretty cool when applied to an old brick design.  The original stone used to create this look was found in an old hotel in Savannah Georgia.  

The sustainability of natural stone depends on many factors, including how stone is quarried and how and how far it travels to a final destination.  Architectural stone veneers are lighter and easier to install. Boral Stone Division products have a sustainable manufacturing footprint which includes low-emitting materials and a closed-loop system for water consumption, and they contribute to LEED credits for indoor air quality and recycled content.  For specific and additional information on sustainability, visit Boral Stone Division’s 2020 Sustainability Report.   

How have you used architectural stone veneers in your products?  Do you have upcoming projects where you plan to use these materials, or where they may be great choices?  What are your questions for the Boral - Stone Division Team?  








*Matt was live at the time!

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SawHorse, Inc.

Great product- thanks for sharing!


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