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Electric Lawn Care Equipment by Husqvarna - Eliminate Gas, Reduce Noise and Pollution, and Save Energy (Video)

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Caleb Peck from Husqvarna recently spoke with Green Builder Matt Hoots about Husqvarna’s residential and commercial electric mowers and other lawn and maintenance equipment, some of which can also be automated and/or solar powered.    

Electric lawn maintenance equipment is rapidly gaining attention and adherents, and with good reason.  Rate It Green recently profiled the benefits of switching from gas electric and garden equipment (GLGE), which range from saving money and energy on gas, health benefits to the operator, noise and environmental benefits for the surrounding community, and emissions reductions that help mitigate the effects of climate change.    

In this video, Caleb first walks us through Husqvarna’s Home Builder Program, which includes

Discounts, rebates, commissions, and additional perks.  He also introduces the company and profiles Husqvarna’s as a global leader in lawn and garden equipment for over 25 years. Caleb also reviews Husqvarna’s residential and commercial mower strengths, which include:

  • Battery capacity
  • Safe for use around animals and children
  • All weather
  • Improves grass quality
  • Automower connect on most models (connect and program remotely)
  • Up to 70% slope(all wheel drive models)
  • GPS tracking
  • 2 tear bumper to bumper warranty 
  • Sports field options
  • Solar solutions/options

The solar and auto connect options on certain models are pretty exciting.  Up to two mowers can be powered through two batteries in each solar unit.  Auto connect allows full control from your phone, for starting and stopping a mower, to set run time and pauses, and to report statistics back to the operator.  

In addition to mowers, Husqvarna offers:

  • Blowers 
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Trimmers 
  • 9” Power cutter - great for concrete
  • Pole saws
  • Chain saws  
  • A range of batteries, including a backpack battery 

One trimmer also has a blower, edger, and pole saw attachment, everything needed to keep the yard maintained in one tool.  

Blowers are growing in popularity due to the noise reduction over gas-powered models - it’s definitely time for everyone to move away form noisy and polluting leaf blowers. 

Caleb’s review of the cost of ownership in comparison to gas-powered mowers is helpful. Caleb calculates that one can save over $1800 in two years (figures are given so you can adjust if your use or other factors are different).

The video wraps with a Q&A where Matt and Caleb talk abut a variety of topics, including the difference in the user experience for electric compared to gas, as well as productivity with battery-powered equipment.  With electric mowers and equipment, operators experience less noise and vibration in addition to avoiding gas fumes.  Among other benefits, it’s nice not to stop for refueling. Caleb also reviews selecting between residential and commercial equipment, which depends in part on how often the operator plans to interact w the equipment (professional models need less interaction).  

Do you have questions for Caleb about Husqvarna or electric mowers and garden equipment?  Ask them here! 




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