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A Conversation about Makita USA's Outdoor Electric Power System

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Green builder Matt Hoots of Sawhorse, Inc. recently met with Ed Sidoruk of Makita USA, who shared some helpful information about Makita’s outdoor power equipment line, which is also the world’s largest outdoor electric power equipment system.


As Matt points out, moving to electric, cordless equipment provides a way to get rid of smelly gas cans, and to reach corners of your property that may not be possible to reach given the limits of corded equipment.  


Benefits to cordless electric equipment for both professionals and consumers include:

  • No more off gassing or smells from storing gas
  • Cheaper to fuel/operate (no gas to buy)
  • Lower maintenance costs and loss of time due to maintenance
  • Safety and health benefits due to battery power over combustion engines
  • The equipment runs quieter (and the mower even has a “more quieter” mode!) protecting the operator and others nearby from noise
  • Get rid of emissions from fossil fuels
  • Lighter, easier-to-use than gas equipment, including less vibration
  • Get rid of cord limitations
  • Electric power equipment starts right away, the same way every time


All of Makita's outdoor electric equipment is powered by the same batteries that fuel their drills and other power tools.  Ed explains that this means that their 18 volt battery platform, expandable to 36 volts, works to power approximately 300 items, from edgers to lawnmowers.  He also previews 14 different attachments.  


Ed also demonstrates a Makita chain saw and explains to Matt that it’s comparable to a 32 cc chain saw for power, and runs 20% faster due to its electric motor.  


Matt explains that he’s considering upgrading his outdoor power equipment at home.  He doesn’t want the smells and corresponding off gassing in his garage or home, and he’s also thinking about safety as his kids have expressed an interest in helping out around the yard (lucky Matt!)  He explains he will just feel better if they have battery packs and aren’t working with gas.  


Do you have experience using Makita outdoor electric power equipment?  Share what you know, and let’s get a conversation going! :)


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