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COP21 Kicks off - What Can We Really Hope For?

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At the start of COP21 on Monday, 150 world leaders gathered for a photo and then many gave speeches outlining the importance of agreeing and acting now to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Francois Hollande and others announced the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to fund research for innovative climate change technologies, including commitments among 20+ participating countries to double renewable energy research funding. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Francois Hollande also unveiled a major 120+ nation solar initiative. But what can we really hope for?

The problem is that we must keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees (and many argue for a 1.5 degree limit), and the current proposals allow a 2.7 degree rise. Meanwhile there is tension between developed countries which have already contributed so much to current pollution, and developing nations whose citizens often don't even have basic electricity or access to refrigeration. In India alone, more than 300 million people do not have electricity. Prime Minister Modi insists that India and other developing nations be allowed to prosper and grow, in parallel and as part of a global effort to transition to a sustainable path. Is this "natural climate justice" possible? Will advanced nations leave "carbon space" to those who have cumulatively historically polluted less?

If the gatherings in Kyoto in 1997 and Copenhagen in 2009 did not result in successful commitments and results, why should we have confidence now? Perhaps it is because these world leaders will realize we do not have a choice. Many fear it's already too late.

For COP21 News:®ion=Footer&pgtype=article

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Natural Choice Corp.

BBC's COP21 news site looks pretty good:

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CABA (Climate Action Business Association) Blog and Recaps:

On: 12/01/2015 Allison Friedman wrote:

BBC's COP21 news site looks pretty good:


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