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Batteries Vs. Fuel Cells

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Posted by: JackSawyer // Student

Although many believe that battery electric vehicles have overshadowed fuel cells and for good reason, as they appear to be both more efficient and better for the environment, results are coming out that fuel cells may hold the upper hand. It has come to attention recently that perhaps due to skewed media and tests, hydrogen fuels cells may be the better of the two. Tests involving the two options have been not fairly carried out as fuel cells are often test on longer mile ranges. Although both of these technologies are steps in the right direction, how will we know what is ultimately the best way forward if media and inaccurate studies potentially skew the truth? What do you think?

Kite, Shane M. "The Weird Angry Politics of Batteries v. Fuel Cells in Zero Emission Vehicles: Our Transportation Future, Part 2." The Huffington Post., 20 May 2016. Web. 28 May 2016. <>.

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Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

We should be interested in the best eco options moving forward, and it frustrates me to read the tests may be deliberately unfair. It lowers my trust in the results, and in these kinds of tests, which isn't good. We need industries and companies as partners in solving our environmental challenges.

Isn't the current challenge to fuel cells the need for greater charging infrastructure? Is that coming online?

I looked this up briefly, and I see that there are almost 700 charging stations worldwide according to this resource:

And this resource suggests that there are currently almost 67,000 EV stations.

I wonder how much of a challenge this is. Also, how do all the costs compare between the technologies? And, I hope they keep coming down. Tesla has recently taken a big step!


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