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We Want Your Spookiest Building Stories!

placeholder+imagePosted on: 10/04/2021

Hello Rate It Green Members and Friends!  

We've been thinking about this idea of sharing our "scariest stories" and project examples for a while now, but it's October so it seems like a particularly good time to put out the call for your scary experiences as well.  Send us your worst head-scratching building moments, even better post them, and we will report them back in our next newsletter and beyond.  How did you solve these top challenges, or how do you plan to?  If you've got vexing questions, you can share those as well.  No green building topic is out of bounds - that's why we're here, to build community around leading products, services, materials, and practices, so everyone can live, work, and play in a healthy and sustainable building.  

'Not a Rate It Green member yet?  No problem.  Join today (It's FREE) and we will get you posting away.  'Need help? Write to us at, and we will answer all of your questions and assist as needed. 

What counts a great example or story? Don't worry! You can share as much as you'd like, but even a title, paragraph and a story could really be helpful to someone else out there who might be in the same situation now, or one day!  ALSO: If you don't have the time to create a written post, post your own video and let us know - and we can write up a summary for you. The idea is to help each other and get the word out. Together, we will help people better avoid these same situations, and we can find more solutions going forward. This is what building community is all about!

MEMBERS:  Post a discussion right from our Community Discussions Page! (Click "Start a Discussion"  - this link will also do the "trick." Get it, trick? Halloween? :)) You can also send us a video to post, or a link to a video you've made.  We're happy to help make this easy for you! 

Drama aside, we seem to agree as a green building community that we need to share our stories more and lead by example, within the industy and also beyond so we can increase the size of this green building "tent."  When we're at events together, we affirm this need and thank our awesome speakers.  But how do we reach a wider audience with this information?  How do we grow awareness and demand for better building globally?  We believe growing a bigger movement starts with your ideas and content.  So, let's do this together!

Thanks in advance!  We look forward to sharing what you share, here and in our next news.  We will post a first example soon (*See below!) - I believe it will be a SCARY humidity nightmare! 

Allison & The Rate It Green Team    

Spooky Image Credit: CBC Radio, Canada

Thanks to Christopher Matos-Rogers for our first Scary Building Story - One Family's Radon Story - Testing and Continuous Monitoring are Key

Additional Stories Shared for this series include:

And, more stories are coming soon!

Thanks for your support of this fun concept.  We can learn from each other and do so much more together to make sure everyone has a more sustanable and healthier place to live, work, and play.  

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Allison Friedman // Rate It Green Admin

Thanks, Christopher Matos-Rogers for our first Spooky Building Story, on radon. Hopefully, this is the the first of many, and... they don't have to all come in October of course. it was a good thing that Christopher and his family tested for radon as part of their home buying process, and it's essential that they kept monitoring. This is truly a story that should motivate others to check their own levels and change how we think about testing, safety, and air quality.