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Rate It Green's August News: Our First 15 Green Building Videos - and a YouTube Subscription Challenge

placeholder+imagePosted on: 08/26/2020

In our August News, we asked Rate It Green's Members to help us pass the 100 Member mark for our new YouTube channel, to help unlock some key features.  Mission accomplished and in record speed.  Thanks everyone! Over 50 Members and friends responded!  

We also shared our first 15 videos, including companies like Cove.Tool, Trakref, Thermacote, Rockwool, Wooster Products, Cambria, Rheem and more.  

We hope eveyrone is doing well in these unprecedented times.  In my introduciton, I shared how much I appreciated the opportunity to build community recently at Southface's Greenprints, and at NESEA's Building Energy.  Both shows did a terrific job presented great online agendas.  Let's hope we can gathe in person as soon as possible, but until then it's great that these organizations put on such great events.  And... we can of course always connect online - post your discussions, join and post to groups, add events to our graan building calendar, and send in your news (for our feed - you can post news to discussions any time) and articles today!