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Post Election '16 - What Can You Do?

placeholder+imagePosted on: 11/30/2016

Rate It Green is not a political organization to be sure, but this community resource supports the natural environment by working with others to lessen the impact of the built environment.  We promote healthy and sustainable building practices, and it's our goal to help as many people and companies connect and share informatoin to help green building become mainstream.  As such, our goals pretty much make it clear that we support safe air and water, healthy and green materials and buildings, resouce and energy efficiency , reuse and recycling concepts, and environemtnal practices generally. And we certainly believe that climate change is real, and undeniable. 

While Rate It Green doesn't plan to issue a statement about election results, you may find our vocal support of climate change and environmental organizations and causes growing. Buildings and the natural environment are of course interrelated.  

For now, we appreciate the statement of concern by one of our members, and we'd like to say that we agree:  

"Volunteer, donate, apply, organize: People across the country have so many opportunities to get together and create a future where the citizenry is truly united against the problems of our time. Politicians create the frameworks and the advocate on our behalf at the highest level, but the power to craft change and affect the way of humanity lies firmly with the people.

Here is aasonjee's full post: "Post Election '16, What Can You Do?"

We had a lot of work to do to support sustainable building and wider environmental and climate challenges in October, and we have a lot of work to do now. Let's discuss our overlapping goals, and how can can collaborae - any time.


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