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NRDC Petition: "Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Cynical Exploitation of War in Ukraine to Expand Oil and Gas Drilling"

placeholder+imagePosted on: 06/02/2022


At Rate It Green, we agree that the unjustifiable and tragic war in Ukraine can not ethically or environmentally logically be used as an excuse to argue for more fossil fuel exploration and exploitation.  Instead, we should of course be taking the opposite actions, to reduce our dependence on these fossil fuels which are a significant part of the tensions that lead to hostilities.  

Why would we make backwards decisions that are bad for our health, the environment, and that threaten our best opportunities for a robust economic future in a competitive, cleaner energy global economy?  This attack was already unbelievable. Seeing people and entities argue to intentionally misunderstand and mislabel tragedy as a further opportunity to pollute is just not acceptable and will not stand.  

If you agree, please feel ecnouraged to sign the NRDC's petition to "Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Cynical Exploitation of War in Ukraine to Expand Oil and Gas Drilling."

Thanks to Rate It Green Member gracemorrison for her piece, "War on Ukraine’s Impact on Green Energy: Progression or Digression?" 

And also to Rate It Green Member and Green Builder Matt Hoots for expresing his thoughts as well, "Time to take our heads out of the sand."


Dependence on fossil fuels is a reason to transition to renewable and cleaner choices sooner, not to increase the pollution, health, and even clear global security challenges that arise from continuing this outdated and unwise reliance.  Let's accept the awesome challenge instead of competing at a national and global scale to build the most energy efficient and healthy, just economy we can! 

We can do better for everyone, so why would we choose worse?


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