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New York City to Require Green Roofs as Part of Climate Mobilization Act

placeholder+imagePosted on: 04/28/2019

The New York Citty Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act just prior to Earth Day which includes a requirement for all new buildings and buildings scheduled for major renovations to plan for vegetation, solar panels and/or small wind turbines in roof designs. 

According to Council Member Costa Constantinides, “The Climate Mobilization Act is a down payment on the future of New York City — one that ensures we lead the way in the ever-growing fight against climate change.” 

The benefits of green roofs include reduced energy costs, reduction of temperatures to to the mitigation ot urban heat island effects, improved air quality, and improvements to stormwater management, in addition to quality of life improvements for people and planet.  According to a piece in Dwell Magazine, "Research published by the National Research Council of Canada found that an extensive green roof can cut a building's daily energy demand for air conditioning by 75 percent." 

The Green Roofs requirements are one part of the Climate Mobilization Act, which is also being compared to the "Green New Deal" for promoting sustainability and long term thinking about the economy.  Carbon emissions saved by the green roofs are expected to provide the equivalent of taking one million cars off the road by 2030.    

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