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India will Abolish All Single-Use Plastic by 2022, with an Immediate Ban in Delhi

placeholder+imagePosted on: 07/18/2018

The world’s oceans will be filled with more plastic mass than fish mass by 2050, the World Economic Forum study reported in its 2016 study.
Combating plastic waste, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to get rid of all single-use plastic in India by 2022 with an immediate enforcement in Delhi.
According to the Economic Times, India's plastic consumption is 11kg per capita in 2014-2015, which is a tenth of US's. Even though the plastic use per person is much lower in India than many other developed countries, its 1.3 billion population make the pledge a challenge. 
“The choices that we make today will define our collective future,” the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on July 3rd, "Let us all join together to beat plastic pollution and make this planet a better place to live.”
Picture from the Economic Times
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