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Green Building Melting Pot - A Quick Look at Our 100 Most Recent Company Members

placeholder+imagePosted on: 05/22/2019

Who’s joining the Rate It Green community, and how are we evolving? We were curious at to what we'd learn if we took a snapshot of the most recent 100 companies to become Rate It Green Members.

I was pleased to see the diversity we’re seeing as we grow. 12 of our most recent organization members are Building/Contracting organizations, which makes sense, but we saw higher percentages of other service organizations, including cleaning/remediation services (9), plumbing (9), and real estate firms (8), and an increase in certain manufacturing segments, including flooring (7), and door and window, and window treatment companies (8), and electricians (3). This meant a smaller number of architects (1), which was interesting just as architects represent 13% of our corporate membership.  I also saw growth in newer areas, like pest control, locksmiths, landscape materials, and others. 

Check out the table below and see what you think.  If you're a Rate It Green Member, terrific! Have you posted a question recently, or shared a leson from your most recent project?  If not, let's get to it.  You post, and we will show you how we amplify your content and message across our social media channels.  

As many or our members and friends know, Rate It Green was created to help connect everyone in the green building industry, so that we can share information more easily, for the benefit of all.  We can all share a bit of what we know to help others down the learning curve, and we all of course have more to learn.  We can have a greater impact together!