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Day Zero a Threat to Capetown, Now Estimated for July - What City is Next?

placeholder+imagePosted on: 02/23/2018

Recent rain and a widespread water saving effort have helped push the current "Day Zero" estimate for Capetown out to July from a one-time prediction of April.  Day Zero is the day that there will literally be no drinking water available for this city of 4 million people.  

Residents are currently being asked not to use over 13 gallons of water per day, an anount that includes perhaps a 90 second shower.  And a single toilet flush. Once voluntary, it seems the retrictions are now mandatory and invovle fines.  

Apparently, some who can afford it are literally leaving the area.  Meanwhile, bottled water is running low, for those who can afford to buy water, as are containers that can collect water for reuse.  There are apparently approximately 200 distribution points for water - this may or may not include springs that have developed long lines and sme of which now have restricted hours. 

Several factors have contriibuted to this impending crisis in South Africa's second-largest city, including the most severe drought in over 100 years, a rapidly growing population fed in part by booming tourism, and climate change.  

In news pieces about this crisis, it seems residents and officials literally don't know what they will do when Day Zero arrives. For 4 million people, that is truly frightening. 

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