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Challenges to the 2021 Energy Code - Opportunity to Speak up for Energy Efficiency (Act Fast - Comments Due by 8/17!)

placeholder+imagePosted on: 08/13/2020

We at Rate It Green were already celebrating the Changes voted in for the 2021 Energy Code, voted on by over 1,000 representatives from US cities and states, but not so fast.  

Apparently three main appeals have been filed, and the National Buildings Institute (NBI) has shared excellent information:

In brief:

  • The eligibility of some voters to overturn items not approved earlier in the process has been questioned
  • The scope of electrical energy needs has been challenged
  • The qualifications of some voters are being questioned

If you’d like to show support for the code and address these challenges, your time is short!

You can read the notice of Notice of Appeals Hearing here. Statements must be filed by August 17th. 

NBI (and others) encourage all governmental members (building departments, sustainability offices, housing departments, and others) to submit joint letters to the ICC and the Appeals Board, and voice support for your original 2021 IECC votes and the successful process of this development cycle.

Address letters to:

For continued updates on the Appeals process, visit: