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Auburndale Builders - High-Performance Building Education Center Planned for Newton, MA

placeholder+imagePosted on: 08/12/2017


Auburndale Builders is extensively retrofitting a new headquarters building in Newton, MA. The space is planned to be the first Passive House Office in the state. As if this wasn't impressive enough, the company will be creating a High-Performance Building Education Center. for architects, builders, and homeowners. Classes are set to begin as early as October, 2017, and topics will include:

-Passive House for Architects and Engineers
-Passive House for Homeowners
-Design Build and Integrated Project Management
-Introduction to Passive House Building (Single and Multi-Family)
-Passive House for Regulators, Reviewers, and Inspectors

For more information:

We were fortunate enough to join a presentation and tour of the building with Passive House Massachusetts this August - we're excited for Auburndale Builders, and for everyone who will be able to learn in this sustainable space!