Rate It Green

Rating CategoryBrief Description
1. Raw MaterialsAre responsible materials (reused, recycled, natural) used to make this product, and are the means of extraction responsible?
2. Manufacturing and Shipping (Including Packaging)Are the manufacturing processes and shipping requirements for this product less damaging to the environment?
3. Installation/ApplicationDoes the product install reasonably and as expected?
4. General Product Quality and DurabilityIs the product of a high quality? Does it last as long as the competition - or longer?
5. ToxcityIs this product safe for human use or habitation during installation and throughout the life of the product? Is it leading edge, even? In other words, can people safely install and use this product with low or no concerns about off-gassing or other harmful effects?
6. Resource RecoveryAt the end of its useful life, is this product recyclable, reuseable, and/or will the manufacturer or another resource reclaim it with minimal effort for the purchaser?
7. Corporate PoliciesDoes this company have positive policies regarding the environment, employees, and the communities within which it operates?
8. First Costs/PriceHow does the up front price of this product compare to competitive products?
9. Lifecycle CostHow does the cost of this product over its useful life compare to competitive products?
10. OverallHow would you rate this product overall?