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ZeroEnergy Design Receives Fine Homebuilding's 2017 Award for Best Energy-Smart Home

placeholder+imagePosted on: 05/25/2017

Congratulations to ZeroEnergy Design for winning Fine Homebuilding's Best Energy-Smart Home 2017 Award!  

Rate It Green Member ZeroEnergy Design has been awarded the 2017 Award for Best Energy-Smart Home, along with Thoughtforms Corpporation, for a Net Positive Farmhouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The Award is presented by Fine Homebuilding and Taunton Press for excellence in six building, design, and performance related categories. 

The Lincoln Net Positive Farmhouse shows that you can really have it all, consuming 70% less energy than a typical code-built home and even generating 48% more energy annually than it consumes, while looking great. 

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