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Stephanie Horowitz of ZeroEnergy Design Featured in Forbes Interview

placeholder+imagePosted on: 08/19/2020

ZeroEnergy Design's award-winning Lincoln Farmhouse

"We envision a status quo of healthy, comfortable, energy-positive, carbon-neutral buildings made of biodegradable and recyclable materials. Not only will they entirely avoid fossil fuels onsite and sequester carbon in their construction materials, but they will also produce enough clean renewable energy to offset the energy consumed in their construction, operation, and by the owners’ vehicles.” - Stephanie Horowitz, ZeroEnergy Design

ZeroEnergy Design continues to make impressive news.  This spring, Real Estate Writer Sheri Koones interviewed the firm’s Managing Director, Stephanie Horowitz, for Forbes Magazine.  

Stephanie explains that ZED was established with sustainable design as a “matter of course, not an optional checkbox.”  The firm considers energy, occupant health, durability, and beauty for every project as a part of their holistic approach. Stephanie describes the firm’s approach and also how it has evolved some over the years, incorporating embodied energy for example.

The piece features several projects, including the award-winning Lincoln Farmhouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts, a net positive home which produces more energy than is consumers each year.  A South Boston RowHome which underwent a deep energy retrofit is also highlighted, as is an amazing Dartmouth Oceanfront home.  The projects showcase the firm’s ability to achieve high performance in a variety of locations and design aesthetics.  

Stephanie also speaks to the future of energy efficient homes, pointing out that building codes and national support for improvements are needed.  Clearly change is going to be needed to encourage (or require!) greater insulation, electrification, better renewal energy design and planning, and carbon and other disclosure/transparency. 


ZeroEnergy Design's modern and striking Dartmouth Oceanfront home


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