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Rate It Green Member, One Click LCA, Awarded Energy Globe Award 2018

placeholder+imagePosted on: 02/20/2019

Rate It Green member, OneClick LCA, was recently awarded the Energy Globe Award for Finland 2018. Established in 1999, the Energy Globe Award is granted by the Energy Globe Foundation annually to “extraordinary sustainable projects” in order to promote sustainability worldwide. The Energy Globe Award is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies, and the conservation of resources. Over 6000 projects in more than 180 countries were submitted for consideration in 2018.

The award takes into consideration what solution the project offers to a sustainability problem and why it is innovative.

One Click LCA won the prize due to their Life Cycle Assessment tool that can help architects and others to calculate their carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of projects. The software allows the user to calculate the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and LCC (Life Cycle Costing) of their building in minutes after importing existing data from their project. This tool can raise awareness of the environmental impact of projects to architects, designers, builders, etc. so that they can improve design changes in order to improve overall sustainability.

According to the Energy Globe Award Finland Jury:


“This year’s Energy Globe Award National Winner in Finland has developed a Life Cycle Assessment tool that helps architects and builders to calculate their carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of their building project. This project presents a plausible technology that helps to enhance and speed up the Life Cycle Assessment of a building project. Congratulations on your initiative!”



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