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Kirei Turns 107 Million Plastic Bottles (and Counting!) into Acoustic Panels

placeholder+imagePosted on: 06/18/2019

Rate It Green Member Kirei reported this June that the company has helped save 107 million bottles from the landfill, with plans to keep that number growing.  The company's PET EchoPanels are 100% environmentally sustainable, while Coco Panels and Kirei Boards (pictured bellow) are made from all natural, environmentally friendly, reclaimed products. 

According to the company, "It is the responsibility of companies like Kirei to ensure that our production is ethically and environmentally respectful throughout every stage. From gathering the raw, recyclable materials to create the EchoPanels, to manufacturing, to transporting and selling, each stage is carefully thought out to consider the direct and indirect impacts from all angles."

To read more and to learn about how Kirei considers Sustainability Beautiful, Profitable, and Lasting:

Kirei Boards:


Coco Panels:


Images: Kirei