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Welcome!Rate It Green is an online community for everyone interested in green building, from newcomers to seasoned experts and for both residential and commercial projects. Our mission is to facilitate information sharing to support further industry growth, increase industry confidence and openness, and provide a place for community building.

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Green Building Directory Browse our directory and search for products, services, organizations, publications, and related resources. We have also included areas for other providers who believe that their products and services will be beneficial to green building businesses.

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Green Building CommunityRate It Green is a place to connect with others interested in green building. Join a discussion or group and ask questions, or share your thoughts and experiences. There is power in numbers. With your participation, we can build a welcoming community and make it easier for everyone to find the tools and resources they need to build green.

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At Rate It Green, we’re working to create the largest list of green building products and services, and we're excited to connect everyone interested in green building. Write reviews, post experiences, or ask your toughest questions. We're hoping to host some great conversations so we can all build better and greener, together. Share what you know, and we're betting that someone will do the same for you.

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Member and Industry News

More Certification Negativity as Jerry Yudelson signs on as GBI President


Healthy competition is a good thing.  but I don't know what to make of the recent "advice" to new GBI (Green Gl… [+]

Cut the certification politics; let's focus on the built environment instead.


I am interested and open to supporting every standard, certification and conversation which can help us share more green building … [+]

USGBC Offers Free LEED Education, Resources to Community Colleges


The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) announced September 10 that the Community Green Program is offering one free year of USGBC m… [+]

LEED V4 Postponed


Under pressure from the green building community, the USGBC decided to postpone the release of the new version of LEED. The new version of LE… [+]

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With Rate It Green's Community features now live, it's now time to build YOUR ideal Green Building Community!  Ideas for participation include: Create a Profile, and show off your talents and expertise Register Your Company and List your Products and Services Rate Products and Services you have worked with Start or join a Discussion, and ask or answer questions Create or Join a group of folks with similar interests… [+]