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  • Ecomadera Ecomadera is a sustainable forestry and wood products company that produces flooring, wall paneling, balsa laminates, and other products. The exotic hardwoods are sour…
  • GreenSpot Global GreenSpot Global is a leading provider of sustainable homes and buildings, and our mission is to make them net energy generators and carbon sinks. We develop our own …
  • Berkeley Green Group The Berkeley Green Group brings next generation controls to the commercial rooftop air conditioning market utilizing Bes-Tech controls. In addition, we provide cost e…
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National Fiber

Product : Cel-Pak Cellulose Insulation
National Fiber's Cel-Pak is a high quality, all borate, loose fill cellulose insulation for blowing caps in attics and …Read More

Johnson Controls

Product : Environmentally Responsive …
Underdesk fan unit and desktop control and diffusers allow individual temperature and ventilation control at the cubi…Read More

Project Coordinating Services, LLC

Product : LEED Consulting
Most clients are confused about green building certifications. Our motto is "simplifying green building strategies & …Read More
Categories: Consulting

Pearl's Premium

Product : Ultra Low Maintenance Grass…
This patent-pending grass seed formulation is perfect for most residential and commercial lawn applications.Read More

Environmental Design + Construction M…

Product : Environmental Design + Cons…
Environmental Design + Construction (ED+C), the oldest and ONLY month environmental magazine supporting architects an…Read More
Categories: Online Magazines
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Although many believe that battery electric vehicles have overshadowed fuel cells and for good reason, as they appear to be both more efficient and...Read More
This spring California has seen a low demand for power during the day while solar energy continues to be churned out by panels that are able to sup...Read More
I have been pleased to recently discover NEWHAB - the Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings. That's a long title, and...Read More
Check out Daylight Hour, a social media campaign run by the Building Energy Exchange to raise awareness about utilizing natural light in day-lit of...Read More
"Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. Something is more energy efficient if it delivers mo...Read More
President Trump has frozen four important rules that were created to promote greater energy efficiency, and this seems to be step one of a larger p...Read More
America's first offshore wind farm began generating energy off the coast of Rhode Island last month. This wind farm is called the Block Island...Read More
Can better thinking and better health be found in green-certified buildings? New research says yes. Both indoors and out, the built environment pla...Read More
Do you ever find yourself wondering what policies are in place for Green Building across the nation? The United States Green Building Council (U...Read More
I came across this the other day. I thought it was interesting because there is some cynicism involved with taxpayer money going into green spaces ...Read More
There is a direct correlation between climate change and buildings, according to the World Green Building Council (WGBC) CEO Terri Willis. With the...Read More
Green Tips For Composting At Home: If you’re thinking about taking up more green living practices, composting can be a great place to start. W...Read More
Although long popular, Energy Star has recently become a top symbol for energy conservation and going green, helping save families and businesses $...Read More
SunEdison: Where Did It All Go Wrong? Lessons and impacts from the collapse of the world’s largest clean energy company. Just six months in, ...Read More
If you are looking to ‘Go Solar’ there are many great options available, but one option worth looking into is Community Solar. The term Communi...Read More
Over the past fiscal year, the U.S. solar industry has grown dramatically as we move into 2016. With over 135,000 installations emerging in the fir...Read More
As a commercial building owner, you can achieve significant short and long term savings by installing solar power. The benefits of solar include op...Read More
Consider signing this NRDC Petition: We Can Not Abandon the Paris Agreement! The NRDC has created a petition to let the President know we can n...Read More
Featured Articles

Planning Livability Instead of Aging in Place

When trying to define the word “sustainable”, what comes to mind is somethin

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Top 10 Predictions for 2017:


It isn't easy being green, but importantly, we can accomplish more if we work together this year, and beyond. 


1.  This is the Year of YOU -

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It is no secret among environmentally conscious building professionals that greener buildings display benefits that go beyond the monetary savings afforded by decreased energy and operational costs

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Long popular, Energy Star has increasingly become a top symbol for energy conservation and going green, helping save families and businesses $300 billion on utility bills while at the same time red

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The purpose of architecture is to shape and gently guide one’s path through life. Through its aesthetics, form, and scale, architecture informs our daily interactions and experiences. However to
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On January 24th, President Trump made a statement by signing off on the continuation of two major oil pipelines that have made headlines in the United States: The Dakota Access and Keystone XL. One

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Did you know that you need to reuse a canvas bag 171 times to mitigate the environmental impacts over a plastic bag?

But now, due to the looming threat of climate change and the overfilling of

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"High performance homes" is a term that’s bandied around a lot. We’ve found that many people don’t really understand exactly what it means or the benefits of owning a high performance home un

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Imagine being able to trade electricity with your neighbors in a cheap and convenient way. For some Australians, this unique use of solar energy is soon going to be a reality. A group of energy tec

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