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Webinar: Bay Planning Coalition Expert Briefing: Greening our Transportation System, July 30, 9am PST

Transportation,California,Green Transportation

by samanthaklein Intern

Join Bay Planning Coalition’s Expert Briefing on Reducing Emissions in the Transportation Sector on July 30th from 9:00am -11:00am via Zoom Webinar. As the transportation sector accounts for the largest source of emission… more...

  Filed under: Transportation

0 replies | 304 views | Posted on: 06/23/2020 | Last updated: 07/02/2020

FREE Webinar: Taking Commercial Offices to Net Zero Carbon, July 1, 1pm EDT

Netzero,Energy Efficiency,Green Office Space,Green Office Building

by samanthaklein Intern

The release of the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide in January and the UK Green Building Council targets for Commercial Offices in April have put Net Zero Carbon front of place in commercial office design. But how do we actually go about… more...

  Filed under: Energy Management

0 replies | 570 views | Posted on: 06/22/2020 | Last updated: 06/22/2020

Webinar: Get In On The Ground Floor: Modern, Sustainable, Healthcare Flooring, July 21, 12pm EDT


by samanthaklein Intern

In this one-hour course, design professionals will gain in-depth knowledge of sustainable, resilient fluid-applied flooring. It will discuss how it solves many issues present in both resilient flooring and fluid-applied flooring by providin… more...

  Filed under: Flooring

0 replies | 1029 views | Posted on: 06/18/2020 | Last updated: 06/18/2020

FREE Webinar: CarbonCure Discussion with Carbon Leadership Forum Chicago Hub, June 30, 1 PM EDT

Carbon,Concrete,Carbon Leadership Forum,Cement,CO2 Emissions,CarbonCure

by Richard Minasian Student

Join the Carbon Leadership Network's Chicago Hub to discuss carbon and the cement industry with Ozinga. Cement is the source of about 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third… more...

  Filed under: Concrete

0 replies | 587 views | Posted on: 06/18/2020 | Last updated: 06/18/2020

Is Mold in Modern Buildings a Sign Of Energy Loss?

Mold,Thermal Bridges

by Chelsea W. Student

Why does mold grows in new buildings? In an article found on a Australian building site, this question is explored. The main topic of the article is the accidental creation of "thermal bridges", breaks in insulation or wall that lets in air… more...

  Filed under: Insulation

2 replies | 746 views | Posted on: 07/09/2015 | Last updated: 06/17/2020

How do you determine how "green" a cabinet is?

madeinamerica,greenguard,nauf,domestic manufacturing,cabinet,cabinetry

by Jonathan Cabinet Representative Sustainable American manufacturing proponent

When looking at purchasing cabinetry for you home or business, what do you look for? I look for domestically manufactured cabinets where the materials are also domestically sourced. No added formaldehyde should be a consideration as well … more...

  Filed under: Cabinetry

4 replies | 2088 views | Posted on: 06/04/2015 | Last updated: 06/17/2020

FREE Webinar: Concrete Tile Roofing: The World's Most Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roof System, June 25, 12pm EDT

Energy Efficiency,Concrete Tile Roofing

by samanthaklein Intern

This one hour course will take an in-depth look at the sustainability and energy efficient attributes of concrete tile roofing, including the near zero-waste manufacturing process, life-cycle cost and performance versus temporary aspha… more...

  Filed under: Roof Tile

0 replies | 88 views | Posted on: 06/09/2020 | Last updated: 06/09/2020

USGBC-LA True Zero Waste and Circular Economy Training Series: Reduce, Reuse, and Composting, July 9, 9:30 am

Circular Economy,Composting,Waste Management,Zero Waste,Sustainable Materials

by samanthaklein Intern

Without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70 percent on current levels by 2050, according to the World Bank’s new report. The make-take-waste way of doing things is coming to an end and if we do it right, we'll create m… more...

0 replies | 466 views | Posted on: 06/08/2020 | Last updated: 06/08/2020

Webinar: GreenCE: Sustainable Hand Dryer Solutions, June 11, 12pm

Electric Hand Dryers,Hand Dryer,Green hygiene

by samanthaklein Intern

This course will discuss how hand dryers have evolved from the first generation of hand dryers to the efficient, hygienic wave of the present and future. Examining the newest features available, this course will explore what to co… more...

  Filed under: Appliances

0 replies | 602 views | Posted on: 05/28/2020 | Last updated: 05/29/2020

FREE Green Building Webinar: Concrete Tile Roofing: Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roof Systems, May 13, 12 pm EDT

Roofing,Concrete Tile Roofing

by GreenCE Sustainable Design and Construction

In this one hour course, we will take an in-depth look at the sustainability and energy efficient attributes of concrete tile roofing, including the near zero-waste manufacturing process, life-cycle cost and performance versus temporary asp… more...

  Filed under: Roofing

0 replies | 576 views | Posted on: 04/23/2020 | Last updated: 05/06/2020

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