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LEDs will be the Lighting Standard of the Future

by NSchepis Student at Bridgewater State

LED bulbs are the future of lighting. The Department of Energy has brought forth a rule that lead to the phase-out of CFLs. The new rule which has been on the table for over a decade will use the current standard already established by Cong… more...

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0 replies | 462 views | Posted on: 02/13/2016 | Last updated: 02/13/2016

To Reach the Global Lighting Goal we have to educate people about LEDs

LED,Global Lighting Challenge

by NSchepis Student at Bridgewater State

The Global Lighting Challenge is a race to install 10 billion high-efficiency light bulbs and fixtures. The goal of the campaign is to reach a cumulative global sale of 10 billion high efficiency, high-quality, and affordable lighting produ… more...

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0 replies | 582 views | Posted on: 02/01/2016 | Last updated: 02/01/2016

Green Concrete

by Elite Concrete Restoration Inc

We are looking to network with Green Concrete providers more...

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2 replies | 1081 views | Posted on: 07/09/2013 | Last updated: 01/04/2016

Stores Phase Out Flame Retardant Furniture - Chemicals Linked to Cancer, Obesity and Low IQ

Flame Retardants,Toxicity,Furniture

by Stella Ng'oma Green building enthusiast

Stores are phasing out flame retardant furniture as 97% of Americans are said to be living with toxic chemicals in their bodies. It is shocking to learn that most of the furniture that has been used for decades consists of toxic flame re… more...

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0 replies | 500 views | Posted on: 12/03/2015 | Last updated: 12/03/2015

Making the leap to LVLs

by NobleHome Affordable, passive solar, easy to build kit houses

We have always been proud that we use solid lumber in our home kits. This isn't always easy in modern construction. Solid wood tends to bend, crack, or warp and it can contains knots where you don't want them. From an engineering point-of-v… more...

0 replies | 545 views | Posted on: 10/27/2015 | Last updated: 10/27/2015

Holyoke Herald completes $2 million solar installation project.

by NSchepis Student at Bridgewater State

Holyoke Herald newspaper headquarters complete solar installation project. The $2 million project was funded by investment tax credits. In 2006, a federal policy known as the Investment Tax Credit was implemented to support the growth of… more...

  Filed under: Solar Energy

0 replies | 612 views | Posted on: 10/27/2015 | Last updated: 10/27/2015

The Debate Over Foam


by NobleHome Affordable, passive solar, easy to build kit houses

Since Noble Home's inception we've been using foam-insulated SIPs to build the shell of our homes. This has always been a compromise, since foam isn't as environmentally friendly as we'd like and there are no options on the market that use … more...

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0 replies | 1227 views | Posted on: 10/13/2015 | Last updated: 10/13/2015

Cellulose Insulation

by Frank Disruptive Technology Scientist

I have been trying to find out about Cellulose Insulation, the newspaper stuff. Last winter my attic leaked water came in onto the Cellulose Insulation. My question is when Cellulose Insulation gets wet does that mean mold will grow in t… more...

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2 replies | 1488 views | Posted on: 06/21/2015 | Last updated: 10/08/2015

Is Mold in Modern Buildings a Sign Of Energy Loss?

Mold,Thermal Bridges

by Chelsea W. Student

Why does mold grows in new buildings? In an article found on a Australian building site, this question is explored. The main topic of the article is the accidental creation of "thermal bridges", breaks in insulation or wall that lets in air… more...

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1 replies | 669 views | Posted on: 07/09/2015 | Last updated: 10/08/2015

What's the Greenest Lightbulb? LEDs are ready for prime time, as suppliers offer more efficient options


by NSchepis Student at Bridgewater State

Incandescent bulbs may be in real decline as suppliers can now offer more efficient options. Top choices are fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs, but LEDs are clearly the most efficient. They use less electricity, (less than $2 a year), they us… more...

  Filed under: Lighting

0 replies | 1124 views | Posted on: 10/01/2015 | Last updated: 10/02/2015

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